New home, new features

Along with my own recent institutional move to the University of Bern, I have taken the opportunity to organize a new home (and a new domain) for Stemmaweb. Now that the migration is finished I am very happy to announce two new major features:

These features are not yet as well documented as I would like, but up and running and ready to use. As ever, use of the Stemmaweb tools is free for any scholar anywhere, and if you have any questions or difficulties, don’t hesitate to contact me.

1 thought on “New home, new features

  1. Kim Worthington

    Good day,

    I hope that you are well. I would deeply appreciate your advice on finding a program to produce a basic stemma for use in my dissertation (something much less elaborate than that offered by Stemmaweb). I am doing a chapter on a manuscript of which there are a number of contested iterations, and would like to have a graphic showing the relationships between texts and contexts of production. I am not having much success with online searches for such a program. If you have any advice I would be most grateful. Thank you.



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