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All definitions begin with the line

digraph "Stemma Name" {
and end with the line
Please do not change these lines except to edit the stemma name.

First list each witness in your stemma, whether extant or lost / reconstructed / hypothetical, and assign them a class of either "extant" or "hypothetical". For example:

  	α [ class=hypothetical ]
  	C [ class=extant ]

Next, list the direct links between witnesses, one per line. For example, if witness C descends directly from witness α, note it as follows:

  	α -> C

A witness may be the exemplar for any number of other witnesses, whether extant or not; likewise, a witness may inherit from any number of other witnesses. Use as may "A -> B" pairings as necessary to describe the links.

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Supported file types / extensions:

  • *.txt - spreadsheet collation, tab-separated values
  • *.csv - spreadsheet collation, comma-separated values
  • *.xls - spreadsheet collation, Excel 97-2004 format
  • *.xlsx - spreadsheet collation, Excel 2007 XML format
  • *.xml - TEI XML parallel segmentation format
  • *.xml - TEI XML export from Classical Text Editor
  • *.xml - GraphML export from the CollateX tool

All spreadsheet collations should be arranged with the witness sigla in the first row, and the words aligned by row each in its correct witness column.

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